IQeon 2018-01-30 – 2018-03-13

IQeon team develops a flexible and scalable platform for the rapid launch of new products that allow players to compete among themselves in a variety of intelligent and logical tasks, receiving IQeon internal currency for the best result. Another direction for the development of IQeon platform is motivational applications. This direction is especially important in the field of education, sports, and the observance of a healthy lifestyle. Often people do not have enough inner motivation to study certain material, or force themselves to run in the morning, or lose several kilograms.

Token: IQN
PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 700 IQN
Price: 1 ETH = 325 IQN
Bonus: Available
Bounty: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC
Soft cap: 2000 ETH
Hard cap: 19,000 ETH
Country: Estonia
Whitelist/KYC: None
Restricted areas: USA, Singapore
More info about this ICO on the website:

About IQeon

The main offer of tokens lasts until March 13, 2018 and we have introduced a flexible schedule of bonuses. Please, find more on our official website. The amount of IQN tokens for distribution is 5.7M and the cryptocurrencies accepted for payment are BTC and ETH. The tokens exchange rate is 1 ETH = 325 IQN


1: Quarter 3, 2016

The origin of IQeon platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

2: Quarter 4, 2016

Elaboration of IQeon platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Attracting of $ 50,000 investment. Development of the gameplay mechanics. Development of a pilot application IQ Clash for the future platform.

3: Quarter 1, 2017

Attracting of $ 300,000 investment. IQ Clash OU company registration. Team building.

4: Quarter 2, 2017

Attraction of advisors. Development of the IQeon platform mock-up. Technical audit.

5: Quarter 3, 2017

Development of a partnership model in IQeon ecosystem. Trade enquiries. Agreement with a partner bank.
Development of IQ Clash API. Start of the platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 30 partners).

6: Quarter 4, 2017

Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for IQN token release. PreICO and ICO conducting.
Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation (more than 100 partners).

7: Quarter 1, 2018

IQeon API development. IQeon web application development. IQeon API and IQ Clash API link testing. New IQ Clash applications development. IQN tokens listing on crypto-currency stocks. Start of the marketing campaign to attrac

8: Quarter 2, 2018

The platform integration with Ethereum blockchain. Development of IQeon blockchain control subsystem. Integration of IQeon API with partner applications. Release of platform’s beta version. Start of IQeon wallet development.

9: Quarter 3, 2018

Platform and IQeon wallet release. MasterCard debit cards issue. Continuation of an active marketing campaign to attract end-users.

10: Quarter 4, 2018

Further development of the ecosystem (2000+ partners, 45+ IQ Clash applications, 2.5 million active users). Development of IQeon SDK.

11: Quarter 1, 2019

IQeon SDK release. Additional game mechanics development. Involvement of partners to develop new applications based on SDK.

12: Quarter 2, 2019

Implementation of AI technology in IQeon API and IQeon SDK. Addition of new mechanics using AI into the list of game mechanics.

13: Quarter 3, 2019

Development of game mechanics using AR/VR technologies. Integration with IQeon API applications for PS, Xbox, etc.

14: Quarter 4, 2019

Further development of IQeon ecosystem (10,000 partners, 150 IQ Clash applications, 15,000,000 active users).

Token info

Token: IQN
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 ETH = 700 IQN
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 325 IQN
First Hour: 30%
Week 1: 25%
Week 2: 20%
Week 3: 15%
Week 4: 10%
Week 5: 5%
Tokens for sale: 7,000,000

Investment info

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC
Distributed in ICO: 70%
Soft cap: 2000 ETH
Hard cap: 19,000 ETH