Sp8de ICO

Sp8de 2018-01-08 – 2018-03-11 Sp8de – implemented within a protocol created and maintained by scientist, pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as [...]

Acomobase ICO

Acomobase – 2018-02-01 – 2018-02-28 New technology is now challenging and exposing the major drawbacks and frictions of the current outdated travel and hospitality business model which is more than a decade old and is [...]
kwh coin


KWHCoin – 2018-02-08 – 2018-03-15 To improve the lives of the 1.2 billion people across the globe without reliable energy access. KWHCoin will achieve this by building a platform that allows anybody in the world [...]
Native Video Box

Native Video Box ICO

Native Video Box 2018-01-01 – 2018-04-15 Native Video Box (NVB) is next generation decentralised video distribution platform, based on cutting edge modern technologies of multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning. Our ecosystem resembles YouTube like [...]
TokenStars TEAM

TokenStars TEAM ICO

TokenStars TEAM 2017-12-20 – 2018-03-28 TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans, and advertisers. Having successfully started with the ​​ACE ​t​oken [...]

Cryptaur ICO

Cryptaur 2017-11-27 – 2018-03-12 We are a spirited FinTech startup on a mission to disrupt the traditional commercial channels through the utilization of blockchain technology. Specifically, Cryptaur aims to create a decentralized ecosystem with a [...]
hackspace capital

Hackspace ICO

Hackspace – 2017-09-19 – 2018-09-20 Hackspace Capital is a fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams with cutting edge products and technologies. Token: HAC Bonus: Available Platform: Ethereum Country: Cyprus Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist More info about ICO on [...]

Vernam ICO

Vernam 2018-05-08 – 2018-05-18 The world’s first 0% commission insurance on the blockchain. Our goal is to revolutionize the insurance industry! We are probably the first company in the world ready to implement a high-end [...]